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Heir to a Desert Legacy - Maisey Yates A Sheikh who isn't trained to lead meets a mother who never intended to mother. Can they find a way to co-exist for the good of the future king?Maisey Yates specialises in delicious men who have experienced trauma in their pasts, and Sayid Al Kadar is no exception. Scared, physically and emotionally, by his past, he can no longer feel emotion, good or bad. Chloe James would rather not feel anything, and feels much safer in the world of science, where logic rains supreme. But now they've met each other, and the walls are crumbling down...For more, check out my review at www.musingofabookworm.wordpress.com
Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston Once again, Shelly Laurenston has hit one out of the park. Welcome back some of your old friends and meet some new ones in the next chapter of the Pride series.As with all of Laurenston works, you can count on snarky dialogue, hilarious hijinks, roaring lions and some delicious sexy times. Her characters are multifaceted and realistic, with cute and geeky quirks. I would recommend that you have read the rest of the series before embarking on this book. The main story line is suitable as a stand-alone but there are references to a background story that is from previous books that would confuse new readers.A great story, fabulous characters and a delightful geeky twist. Get reading this one ASAP.Read more of my reviews atMusing of a Bookworm

Beyond Shame

Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha This review was original published on Musing of a Bookworm I just love Moira Rogers books, and I was a bit worried when I heard the girls where going to create a new pen name for a new darker, sexier, more erotic style of writing. I was terrified that I wouldn't like the Kit Rocha style and it would damage my love of their original writing. I'm so happy to say that, though it is different, it's just as fabulous!Firstly, WOW. The hotness. This book is not for the faint hearted. The story line is dark, the love scenes are deliciously dirty and erotic. There are multiple partners, girls loving girls and loving with an audience. Though vivid and explicit, they are handled with the professionalism and taste you can expect of these authors. However, this is not like their other books. be prepared for something completely different.The book contains all the amazing things you'd expect from these writers- epic world building, developed characters, intense story line. Add some snarky dialogue, gorgeous alpha males and strong willed women and you have a winner.

Bear Meets Girl (Pride Stories Series #7)

Bear Meets Girl - Shelly Laurenston Originally published on Musing of a Bookworm. Take one "by-the-book" cop, add one shit-stirring hockey player and combine with shifter politics for a rip-roaring time.Lou "Crush" Crushek is a polar who hates change and loves peace and quiet. Marcella "Bare Knuckles" Malone is a tiger who loves to mess with people, is passionately loud and can take down a target from a thousand yards. You wouldn't expect them to make much of a team but for some reason, it just works.Crush is a huge Carnivores fan, the shifter ice hockey team for New York, that Cella just happens to play for. Some of my favourite scenes are as Crush meets his heroes, past and present, and has to hold himself from fan-girling out. It made the character endearing and life-like. Lord knows, if I ever met some of my favourite authors, I'd have to be scraped of the floor.Bear Meets Girl is Book 7 in the Pride Stories series. Like all of Laurenston's novels, the characters are complex and lovable, the dialogue fast paced and quick-witted. I often found myself laughing out load while reading this book.Laurenston's series are some of my favourites. I love the way she brings back characters from former books and there is a real complex network of friendships and grudges that flows through the series.I really enjoyed Bear Meet Girl, and I'm sure to re-read it a least a hundred or two thousand more times.
The Warlord's Promise - Alyssa Morgan In the wilds of the Scottish Highlands is a Warlord in love with a bonnie young widow. Can he entice the object of his desires by kidnapping her youngest sister? Or will she leave when the morning comes?A hero with long hair, a luscious body and a Scottish burr. What more could a girl ask for? Unfortunately, we see only glimpses of Ethan’s personality and I think this is a great shame. Morgan alludes to complexities that are not detailed and this is a really unfortunate. You don’t get to know the hero, apart from his love making. We know that he is in love with Kate, but not what attracted him. What has made him admire her from afar? Why does he feel the need to capture her younger sister to lure her to his bed, rather than court her traditionally? I was left with too many questions.The heroine, Kate, is sassy and smart, while still being believable as character for this era. Again, character development is an issue for me. There is a lot more here than for the hero, but I would have like more. Both characters are so likable and relatable, but I wanted to know more about what makes them who they are and how they have gotten to this place in the personalities.Alyssa Morgan has written some of the most breath-taking love scenes I have had the pleasure to read. They are fiery, full of heat and passion, but there is tenderness and affection there too.This erotic shot story ticks some very important boxes in my “Read Again” questionnaire. The characters are wonderfully portrayed but the settings are glossed over. I would love to see a novella or even something longer with these characters. Ultimately, a very enjoyable read which I am sure to visit again, if only it was longer!
Silver Mine - Vivian Arend Where is a werewolf hermit with an ailment to go with a medical problem? To the anti-pack veterinarian of course.Once again, Vivian Arend brings the wild and sexy world of shifters to the page in the second instalment of the Takhini Wolves series. Our hero, the delicious Chase Johnson prefers the quiet life. The VERY quiet life of the Yukon, home of outcasts and hermits of the shifter world. Chase is all alpha but not interested in pack life, not least because he is a cross breed with no idea what he will shift to next, a cougar or a wolf. Meanwhile, Shelley Bradley has spent years away from home after being endlessly mocked by the pack for being unable to shift to her wolf side, considered too weak to be anything but Omega. Now she is the new vet/shifter doctor for the town and determined to live life her way, with or without the pack. Read more

Love at First Bite: Four Novellas of Otherworldly Desire

Love at First Bite - Sherrilyn Kenyon, L.A. Banks, Susan Squires, Ronda Thompson Loved the first three novellas, but not a huge fan of the Beladors series. Great read, none the less.
Winter Wishes - Vivi Andrews,  Vivian Arend,  Moira Rogers Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend (4 Stars)Cougar meets Cougar and sparks fly. I'm a huge fan of Vivian's work and she has kept up with her high standards. Intrige, cops, crazy family members and a sting operation plus some sizzling love. Whats not to like?No Angel by Vivi Andrews (DNF)I had trouble getting into this world and unfortunatley couldn't get through the first couple of chapters. More due to the Angel world rather then the author's writing ability.Freeze Line by Moira Rogers (4 stars)Warm Wolf meets freezing Witch. I love the work of the two girls who make up Moira Rogers and they have kept it up with this one! Great world building, particularly because its a novella! Enjoyed every minute of it.
Can't Get Enough - Shelly Laurenston Can't Get Enough - Shelly Laurenston (Dragon Kin 0.5)4 starsI really enjoyed the Novella by Shelly Laurenston (4 stars)which tells the story of Ailean the Wicked and how he falls for and gets Shalin the Innocent (the parent's of Bercelak) and reveals why Bercelak (and his siblings) where raised the way they were!I am in love with the writing style of Laurenston. She is able to create a fabulous world of dragons that makes sense. The dialouge is always sharp and funny without pulling away from the serious action or romance of the story. I have devoured this series. Spellbound - Cynthia Eden 3 Stars.Cynthia Eden's witch story was a pretty good read. Nicely written characters with a believeable crisis.Turn Me On - Noelle Mack 2 Stars.This Sci-Fi was just not my thing. I found the revelation of the hero's origin to be stilted.
Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward Oh Rhage! What's not to like about the hero in this book? Strong, gorgeous, punished, possesive *Sigh*. Mary, the Heroine, has seen the dark side of life but still strives to help others - even if it means having to put their needs before her own happiness. Add a killer dragon beast that appears whenever the hero is upset or in pain and you have one awesome story line!
Sh*t My Dad Says - Justin Halpern Hilarious. Laugh out loud funny. Highly recommend for anyone who is becoming a father or who has had a father. Deep fried gold. Warning: do not read on public transport. You will laugh hysterically and people will look at you funny. I speak from experience.

Dragon Actually

Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken Love love LOVED this story. Sassy Heroine, sardonic Hero and stellar support characters. Tender moments and lots of giggles. Starting next book on series immediately!
Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Oh Wrath, how I love you!
The Lady of the Rivers (The Cousins' War, #3) - Philippa Gregory I really enjoyed this novel. The characters are very vivid and I found myself with a very deep ffislike for some of them by the end. I love how Philippa Gregory can interweave fiction, history and mythology into a cohesive and compelling story.
Cry Sanctuary - Moira Rogers loved it. Read it in the bath (nice) and didn't want to get out when the water went cold because I wasn't finished! Review to come on my websitehttp://musingofabookworm.wordpress.com
Knightfall (Guardians of the Seven Seals, #1) - Berinn Rae Original Review Written For The Romance ReviewsHe’s a Guardian, sworn to protect The Seven from any and all danger. Even if that means killing the sexy, spunky girl he has been sent to watch. She’s an orphan, who has worked hard to become a bush pilot with her only family, her dog Beacon, by her side. Are they destined to fight on opposite sides of the war of The Hidden, or could there be something more the Nos’ Prophecy then meets the eye?Knightfall by Berinn Rae introduces a new series about The Hidden. Every fairytale and myth has a base in truth and this writer has used some of these classic characters as a base for her own. Rae has created a world within our world that draws the reader in with intricate rendering of characters and the rules that they live by...Want to read more? Go to my full review at http://wp.me/P1CSks-5V or on The Romance Reviews site at http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=1543