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Bear Meets Girl (Pride Stories Series #7)

Bear Meets Girl - Shelly Laurenston Originally published on Musing of a Bookworm. Take one "by-the-book" cop, add one shit-stirring hockey player and combine with shifter politics for a rip-roaring time.Lou "Crush" Crushek is a polar who hates change and loves peace and quiet. Marcella "Bare Knuckles" Malone is a tiger who loves to mess with people, is passionately loud and can take down a target from a thousand yards. You wouldn't expect them to make much of a team but for some reason, it just works.Crush is a huge Carnivores fan, the shifter ice hockey team for New York, that Cella just happens to play for. Some of my favourite scenes are as Crush meets his heroes, past and present, and has to hold himself from fan-girling out. It made the character endearing and life-like. Lord knows, if I ever met some of my favourite authors, I'd have to be scraped of the floor.Bear Meets Girl is Book 7 in the Pride Stories series. Like all of Laurenston's novels, the characters are complex and lovable, the dialogue fast paced and quick-witted. I often found myself laughing out load while reading this book.Laurenston's series are some of my favourites. I love the way she brings back characters from former books and there is a real complex network of friendships and grudges that flows through the series.I really enjoyed Bear Meet Girl, and I'm sure to re-read it a least a hundred or two thousand more times.