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Celestial Seduction - Jessica E. Subject Review originally shown on Musing of a Bookworm A man from another galaxy, choosing to stay on earth after being wronged. A women left by her childhood sweetheart and unable to have children. Thrown together through a dating agency specializing in one night stands. A strange premise for a romance short story.Firstly, in the interest of full disclosure, I haven't read many sci-fi romances and perhaps this has colored my views. Like other reviewers (see below) I have found it very hard to elsborate on opinions here so as not to spoil the story for others. It is a lovely short novella (perfect for your lunch-break) so key details are difficult to avoid!There where many elements in this story which, when put together, should make a lovely story. But they did not gel for me. I found the premise of a "one night only guarantee" to force an element of conflict. The description of the hero's manly area just didn't it for me.Celestial Seduction had the elements of a good read but didn't really float my boat.