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Silver Mine - Vivian Arend Where is a werewolf hermit with an ailment to go with a medical problem? To the anti-pack veterinarian of course.Once again, Vivian Arend brings the wild and sexy world of shifters to the page in the second instalment of the Takhini Wolves series. Our hero, the delicious Chase Johnson prefers the quiet life. The VERY quiet life of the Yukon, home of outcasts and hermits of the shifter world. Chase is all alpha but not interested in pack life, not least because he is a cross breed with no idea what he will shift to next, a cougar or a wolf. Meanwhile, Shelley Bradley has spent years away from home after being endlessly mocked by the pack for being unable to shift to her wolf side, considered too weak to be anything but Omega. Now she is the new vet/shifter doctor for the town and determined to live life her way, with or without the pack. Read more