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Can't Get Enough - Shelly Laurenston Can't Get Enough - Shelly Laurenston (Dragon Kin 0.5)4 starsI really enjoyed the Novella by Shelly Laurenston (4 stars)which tells the story of Ailean the Wicked and how he falls for and gets Shalin the Innocent (the parent's of Bercelak) and reveals why Bercelak (and his siblings) where raised the way they were!I am in love with the writing style of Laurenston. She is able to create a fabulous world of dragons that makes sense. The dialouge is always sharp and funny without pulling away from the serious action or romance of the story. I have devoured this series. Spellbound - Cynthia Eden 3 Stars.Cynthia Eden's witch story was a pretty good read. Nicely written characters with a believeable crisis.Turn Me On - Noelle Mack 2 Stars.This Sci-Fi was just not my thing. I found the revelation of the hero's origin to be stilted.