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The Warlord's Promise - Alyssa Morgan In the wilds of the Scottish Highlands is a Warlord in love with a bonnie young widow. Can he entice the object of his desires by kidnapping her youngest sister? Or will she leave when the morning comes?A hero with long hair, a luscious body and a Scottish burr. What more could a girl ask for? Unfortunately, we see only glimpses of Ethan’s personality and I think this is a great shame. Morgan alludes to complexities that are not detailed and this is a really unfortunate. You don’t get to know the hero, apart from his love making. We know that he is in love with Kate, but not what attracted him. What has made him admire her from afar? Why does he feel the need to capture her younger sister to lure her to his bed, rather than court her traditionally? I was left with too many questions.The heroine, Kate, is sassy and smart, while still being believable as character for this era. Again, character development is an issue for me. There is a lot more here than for the hero, but I would have like more. Both characters are so likable and relatable, but I wanted to know more about what makes them who they are and how they have gotten to this place in the personalities.Alyssa Morgan has written some of the most breath-taking love scenes I have had the pleasure to read. They are fiery, full of heat and passion, but there is tenderness and affection there too.This erotic shot story ticks some very important boxes in my “Read Again” questionnaire. The characters are wonderfully portrayed but the settings are glossed over. I would love to see a novella or even something longer with these characters. Ultimately, a very enjoyable read which I am sure to visit again, if only it was longer!